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Seniors are Micky's Favorite                     Audiences  

Welcome to Micky Magic

Shows for Seniors

Great Entertainment for Seniors!

This fantastic Magic Show comes to your location and combines magic, comedy, and audience interaction to make this activity one your seniors will not soon forget!

We designed a show specifically for the senior set, so everything is easy to see and visually vibrant, sure to help them feel like the stars of the show and forget about their aches and pains!

        Attention Activities Directors...

Many kinds of credible studies have shown that comedy entertainment:

 Stimulate organs by increasing oxygen when you breath, and release of endorphins (natural pain relief released by the brain).
Relieves tension by better blood circulation.
Relaxes. Boost inmune system.

 Enlightens the spirit and so much more!!

Every year we perform hundreds of magic shows all over the NY/NJ area, tailored to the needs and interests of our audiences.


 Call us now to ensure that you get the time you prefer. We offer reasonable prices and additional discounts for multiple bookings.


        LAUGHTER IS THE BEST                                 MEDICINE!!

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