Smoking Sucks . . . the  Life out of You!

Micky Magic's Smoking Sucks . . .
the Life out of You 
is "A Magic Show
with A Message" that will really convince students to think seriously about smoking.
This program is geared towards tweens and teens. It is sometimes edgy, but never crude or inappropriate.

By now, most of us have become aware of the terrible problems caused by cigarette smoking: addiction, cancer, heart disease, death. Although cigarette smoking in the United States has been decreasing, the bad news is that 34 million Americans still smoke cigarettes. 

Still worse news is that although the rate of cigarette smoking has decreased, vaping and e-cigarettes are on the rise.

Are we going to allow another generation
 to get hooked on tobacco and nicotine?

Micky Magic's School Assembly Show addresses
all these issues. Micky not only educates students about 
the dangers of tobacco and nicotine, he also informs students about Big Tobacco's mis-information and tricks, trying to make teens into suckers.

Micky emphasizes that smoking and vaping are not cool, and it's not cool to be a fool!

Micky always provides the right balance of entertainment and education to keep students engaged and learn something at the same time.

Micky Magic is the perfect choice to present this show. In addition to being a Master Magician and Edutainer, Micky (Mike Gomez) is also a certified Smoking Cessation Counselor (certified by the American Cancer Society.)

The tobacco industry is a HUGE business
and they love to make money. (That's why
they're in business.)
In order to make more money,
"Big Tobacco" tries to make smoking appealing to young people. They do this in many ways: cool advertising, fun cigarette flavorings, and even giving away free sample packs of cigarettes.

After watching Smoking Sucks . . . the Life out of You, students will think much more seriously about smoking and vaping. They will also feel smarter and more confident about making good choices for themselves.

Our 2018 Anti-Drug Assembly Show is a well-thought-out presentation utilizing best practices along with Micky Magic’s expertise as a Smoking Cessation Counselor (certified by The American Cancer Society.


 Because most of our shows are presented to grade school students and sometimes High Schoolers,  we focus on tobacco abuse. Cigarettes are the gateway drug to practically every drug known.



It used to be called Red Ribbon Week, but today, many schools have expanded it to a month. 


 Today an estimated 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon activities annually.


 This show doesn’t necessarily need to be presented in October, this show is great any time of the year!



Tobacco Executives LIED to Congress.

    Today they're investing in Vaping.

            And the LIES continue.

We tell our kids until you are 19 years old you’re still growing and developing. That said, these years in particular will have a lasting impact.

Also the brain is much more vulnerable to addiction during these years. 90% of people with a substance abuse problem started smoking (specifically smoking), drinking, or using other drugs (before) the age of 18.  

Smoking marijuana is at the center of a lot of debate today, and it soon may be legal in New Jersey. It is actually being made legal and/or decriminalized throughout the country. There are often exaggerated and even false claims made by those on each of the opposing sides.


 What matters is understanding how it can impact you as a young person, and that information can be hard to find in the middle of so much hype. Laws are changing, and there’s potential for new medical treatments, but these don’t erase the risks.

 Like alcohol, Marijuana can be dangerous. Anything that impairs coordination and judgment, which marijuana does, causes impaired functionality, difficulty with thinking and problem solving, and disrupts learning and memory. And when used in conjunction with alcohol, the combined result is worse than either substance alone.

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