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About Micky Magic 

Introducing Micky Magic, your go-to Family Entertainer and Master Magician. With a wealth of experience, Micky, also known as Mike Gomez, has brought joy and amazement to countless children and adults. From captivating School Assembly shows, Senior Center performances, to so many Family (B-Days and more) parties, Micky has been spreading wonder for years. 

In addition to his magical talents, Mike Gomez (Micky) has been a devoted parent and grandparent. Today, his children are thriving as students and young adults, a testament to his deep love and commitment as a father. 

Micky Magic's performances are more than just tricks and illusions. Whether he's pulling an endless string of paper from his mouth to the astonishment of his audience or addressing important topics like Anti-Smoking Programs, Save Our Planet, and more Micky has an innate ability to captivate any room. As the former president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM Ring #113), he brings not only entertainment but also expertise to his shows. 

Beyond his magical talents, Micky is a certified Smoking Cessation Counselor recognized by the American Cancer Society. He is also a Motivational Speaker, using his skills to educate children and adults on healthy lifestyles free from drugs and alcohol, all while delivering captivating performances. 

Micky Magic is a certified vendor for the NYC Board of Education, Union City Board of Education, Jersey City Board of Education, and several other school districts. His educational program, "The Magic in You," has been presented in 28 schools by contract with the Newark, NJ Board of Education. 

An artist and a skilled performer, Micky Magic is the name you can rely on when you seek top-tier entertainment for your family and guests. With Micky Magic, you're not just getting a magician; you're getting an experienced entertainer who brings magic and meaningful messages to every performance. 

Choose Your Show

Stop Smoking

Bring Fun to your School

Imagine! An assembly program that will entertain your students and encourage them to believe that School is Cool... EDUTAINMENT!

     Micky's Shows

address academic issues such as the importance of reading, as well as meaningful social issues facing kids today. We're very excited about our newly improved Save The Planet Show. These shows project an energetic and positive image in an urban-centric kind of way. Students have a wonderful time and learn something incredibly valuable. 

Having fun with Micky Magic

Micky Magic performs for thousands of       children throughout the New York/New Jersey area. Edutainment really works!

      We call these programs Edutainment. Micky combines education and magical entertainment in a way that makes learning fun and increases information retention.  Students don't just watch the program; they actually participate in the performance, helping Micky with his act. Each show is slightly different, geared towards the ages of the students and the goals of the school.

Magic with a message!

Micky Magic (Mike Gomez) has created and developed a series of educational and motivational magic shows designed to instill strong values and a positive self-image for students of all ages.


Awesome School assembly show

"The Magic In You" is Micky's most popular and often-requested School Assembly Show. This show is a combination of all of his other programs. Micky has developed all his innovative and entertaining programs using guidance from teachers, psychologists, and substance abuse counselors.

"Save Our Planet"  More than telling children how to recycle, this show impresses upon  our kids that they are personally responsible for the preservation (or destruction) of our environment and our planet.


"Reading Empowers"  Designed to spark the love of learning within your students, and remind them of the importance of reading and the magic of books.


"Smoking Sucks . . . the life out of you!"  This program is targeted towards tweens and teens. These days, vaping is the new threat. Our show can sometimes be a little edgy, but never inappropriate.

Micky works hard to make sure that all his shows have the right balance of entertainment and education, thus fulfilling the goals of both students and administrators. Audience participation (both students and teachers) keep energy levels high and the interest is always maintained. Micky's shows are guaranteed to engage and entertain!

Barbara McNerney Principal of the Hudson School

                    Union City, New Jersey.

Reading empowers
Having magical fun
Save our planet

Book your show NOW to ensure      your date. (201) 617-5999 or

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