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     Save Our Planet


Saving the planet one trick at a time!

Magic can be a powerful tool for sharing important messages in a fun and engaging way.

Micky Magic is passionate about nature, so he uses his performance skills to teach and promote environmental issues.

The clock is ticking we are almost out of time. With the Earth facing many environmental challenges and so many species facing extinction, it is vital that everyone does their share to help save our planet.  

For many years, Micky has been a member of the Sierra Club, Green America, and is supportive of other environmental organizations, so he understands this very important topic. 

Climate change is a threat that can not be ignored. Children and young people represent 30 percent of the worlds population. They are also the generation that will have to deal with the future impacts of climate change whether they like it or not. Unfortunately they are the generation with the most to lose.

This combination of Micky's knowledge and performance, which he calls "Edutainment" means that his unique brand of magic is guaranteed to engage, entertain and educate. The goal is for a compelling manner to share environmental messages that promotes eco-friendly values. 

It is absolutely essential that children learn about the impact humans have on our planet.

Our poor oceans
School assembly show

The show is jam-packed and full of magic tricks specially designed to surprise, amaze and engage everyone who watches, all the while teaching the basic facts about major environmental issues. It provides an overview of five major areas : climate change, ocean pollution, waste, species extinction, and deforestation.

The show is currently aimed at K-8th grade students, but should be split in two: one for the K-4th grades and the second show 5th-8th grades. We adapted this show to suit the older children. 

Micky Magic has designed his "Save The Earth" presentation to help spread the word about key environmental issues in a fun, Magical, and engaging way... helping to Save our Earth through Magic.

Major school assembly show




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