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The  Magic in you

The Magic In You

With the “Magic In You”, I project a positive message and an energetic positive image.


 From the students that are most enthusiastic, to the most apathetic, they’ll be engaged through my comedy and my Magical performances.


 Astonishment and content is what I deliver! The kids have a great time at the magic show and learn something at the same time. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Smoking sucks

We assure you that all will culminate in maximum student retention!

Though the Magic In You is not specifically an anti-drug program, it will fit in nicely with your campaign against drug abuse.


 Many schools have used the “Magic In You” as a very effective part of their anti-drug programs and now you can too. As such, you can use resources from state and federal sources to help defray costs.


 After all, a positive self-image is the first step toward keeping a child away from substance abuse.


 If you are not completely satisfied you don’t have to pay. There is no reason your school shouldn’t host “The Magic In You.” Micky has always offered this guarantee and has been enthusiastically paid after each and every show!


 By teaming up with another school, so Micky can appear at both schools in one day, both schools save 10%.  District wide discounts of up to 20% are available!

Example for smokers
School assembly shows

Why I do The Magic In You

In May of 2000, a tragic auto accident took the life of my oldest son. It was indescribable. I thought I couldn’t move on. Thank goodness for my family, my spiritual beliefs, and some professional guidance. Their help was precious.


But the good news is that in that very same year, my son Marc was born. A year later, Jon-Paul was born. Talk about a life change and even hope!


Although I’ll always miss Sebastian, I have a new responsibility and motivation in life. My mantra is to take care of my kids, my grandkids, and every single child that I meet.

             Micky Magic at the  Hudson School

                           in Union City, NJ.

My boys

 Call Now!!   (201) 617-5999 or (212) 740-9700

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